The Art-Com

The Art-Comedy isn't a new genre of film. It's always been there.

However It's not to be confused with Comedy-Drama.

It's its own beast.

Her is Art-Com.
Synecdoche, New York is Art-Com. 
Little Miss Sunshine is Art-Com.
8 1/2 is Art-Com.
Manhattan is Art-Com.
O Brother Where Art Thou? is Art-Com.
Crystal Fairy And The Magical Cactus is Art-Com.
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind is Art-Com.
Submarine is Art-Com.

Of course these films span other genres as well, but I like to think you can group them together as Art-Com.

Art-Com could be outrageously funny or it could be just a tickle. It's comedy filmmaking which pushes the art of cinema.

It's currently in quite a raw state. As time goes on and we find ourselves further down the long tail of film and genres find their own grounding more and more, Art-Com will become more defined.

There will be low-budget Art-Com and big-budget Art-Com. It will be available for direct download and it will get a theatrical release. 

We will watch, laugh, and think, as Art-Com finds its feet, and its audience.