On A Day Like This

I'm starting to settle into my new routine for the year.

6am - Wake Up - Begin Writing

7am - Shower - Get Dressed

8am - Walk To Work

9am - Start Work

12pm - Lunch - Catch Up On E-Mails, Facebook Messages, etc.

1pm - Work.

5:30pm - Gym.

7pm - Walk Home

8pm - Carry On Working On To-Do List

10-11pm - Look At Goals And Create New To-Do List

I wish I had more time to work on my own stuff, but I gotta pay the bills, and that's what the job's for. I find that around the middle of the week I start to feel a lull in energy, so I might have a Wednesday evening off of work deal, ready for the Thursday morning start.

I do end up walking for around 1.5-2 hours a day. This might seem like lost time but it's great. Sometimes I just walk and think, or I listen to podcasts, or recently, I've been listening to Audiobooks. My long walks home from the gym are now one of the things I most look forward to in my day.

The part of the day I least look forward to? Getting out of bed. It's far too cold at this time of the year to be doing ridiculous things like getting out of bed.