In All Seriousness ... Exercise

I've been hitting the gym now for about six months and ... man my hand hurts. 

Oh my god so funny.

In all seriousness though, I highly recommend it. When I first went to the gym to lift weights, I couldn't believe how weak I was. I mean, I knew I wasn't particularly strong, but I couldn't lift anything. I looked ridiculous, sweating, red-faced, vein popping out of my forehead, trying to lift a steel bar, and for the next week my body ached so badly I thought I'd broken it. I couldn't lift my cup of tea to my mouth. Now that's torture.

But I went to the gym again, and this time I could lift a little bit more. And then I went again, and I could lift a little bit more then that. It's about developing the habit of pushing for more. It's something I feel like I need to do more of in my own life. Pushing for that little bit more. We could all do with pushing for a little bit more I think.