Lemonade Stand

In her TED talk Amanda Palmer talks about asking for money for your art. 

She makes the point that you have to be okay with asking, and receiving. 

We put our short films online to be viewed by the world, for free. We do this without even considering that we could charge for it. 

Why not? 

We've spent all day building our lemonade stands and making our super sweet & tasty lemonade. 

Without a second thought we give the lemonade away for free.

We're artists though right? And we just want people to see our films.

True, but maybe it's more about being afraid to ask. Because when we ask, people can say no.

Vimeo On Demand, Chill, Distrify - these are your asking tools.

If somebody doesn't want to pay for the film, then maybe the films not for them.

But what if you're lemonade is designed to stop people in the street, and get them talking. Fine, get them talking, get them involved in your next project - mission accomplished.

Perhaps if we were more willing to give money for the art we consume, then we wouldn't feel so guilty asking for it.

Show me a great teaser, a professional looking poster, and I will pay to see your short film. 

On a side note: 

This reminds me of Dumbledore's death. That man died thirsty!