Why I'm watching your film - A list.

Bear in mind when reading this list, I'm a fan of short films, not everybody is.

Read between the lines for reasons I'm not.


1. You're my friend. 

2. You're a friend of a friend, and the film looks good.

3. You've asked me personally and sincerely for feedback.

4. Vimeo Staff Pick. 

5. The artwork is consistent and professional.

6. I'm bored.

7. You're Michael Cera. 

8. I read your blog. 

9. I follow you on Twitter, and the film looks good. 

10. I donated money to the crowd funding campaign. 

11. It's playing at a local short film showcase. 

12. I read your book.

13. I met you in person, and you were nice.

14. I like the actor/director/producer/writer involved.

15. It's a documentary about that thing I'm currently interested in. 

16. Typography ... it's gotta be good.