Interviewed By The Beast

Maybe three weeks ago a madman climbed through my broadband connection, wormed his way through my ethernet cable, pushing his face into my screen, nudging all my Chrome windows out of view. The screen fractured, readying to pop.

Smiling, the man in my computer claimed he was in fact bestselling author and fellow Hawk & Cleaver writer, Daniel Willcocks, and that he would like to ask me some questions.


Scared for my life and my sanity and my computer screen, I bellowed my answers, squealed like a pig, told him all about my life, my writing, filmmaking, and podcasting endeavours.

Once sated, the beast-selling author sunk back into the ethernet cable, looked like a snake swallowing a goose egg, the swollen mass slipping through the cable, cracking the plastic facing on the wall port as it went.

I caught my breath…

Grabbed myself a stiff drink…

And then closed the laptop lid.

I had survived the podcast interview.

Two weeks later and that interview is now online!


Check out Dan’s new Great Writers Share podcast with yours truly.